The Brittany Pool Table


Introducing the Brittany, a pool table that epitomizes French elegance. Crafted meticulously from robust African hardwood, it stands firmly on refined tapered square legs. A touch of customization is available with the optional, beautifully detailed metal appliques that can adorn the cabinet. Choose from a radiant Star or the timeless Fleur de lis design to accentuate its sophisticated Cinnamon finish.

Key Specifications:

  • Sizes Available: 7’ or 8’
  • Finish: Warm Cinnamon hue
  • Pockets: Your choice of Leather Shield or Fringe
  • Cloth: Assorted color options, presented with the Aztec shade
  • Sights: Diamond precision markers
  • Leg Style: Gracefully tapered
  • Metal Applique: Optional, with choices between a Star or a Fleur de lis on the cabinet corners

Craftsmanship & Build:

  • Construction: The design includes four strategically placed cross beams, each 5” x 2.5”. Their interplay forms a robust platform that perfectly accommodates the slate.
  • Cushioning: Equipped with the BCA-approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers from Presidential, promising lively and precise shots.
  • Materials: Boasts 5.5” wide rails and a solid wood frame, ensuring longevity.
  • Slate: Features a 1” 3-piece K-pattern slate, diamond honed for flawless gameplay.


  • For the 8’ Table: 99″L x 55″W x 31”H
  • For the 7’ Table: 89″L x 50″W x 31”H

The Brittany Billiard Table is more than just a game table; it’s a centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a testament to timeless design.

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    Every Quote is Personalized With Delivery and Installation Included.