The Cape Town Pool Table


Introducing the “Cape Town” pool table, a masterpiece that seamlessly marries luxury with durability. Crafted with meticulous precision, this table is sculpted out of solid African hardwood, bestowing upon it not just a regal look but an unwavering robustness.

The table’s aesthetic beauty is pronounced with dentil molding on its blinds, which not only adds to its ornate design but signifies the attention to detail given to every inch of this majestic table. Offered in two rich finishes – Mahogany and Mocha – either choice will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of any billiards room, casting an air of elegance and grandeur.


  • Table Size: A generous 8 feet
  • Finishes Available: Choose between a deep Mahogany or a warm Mocha
  • Pockets: Customize with either a Leather Shield or the traditional Fringe
  • Cloth: Numerous color options to choose from; the table is showcased with a sophisticated Camel hue
  • Sights: Embedded Diamond sights
  • Legs: Majestically carved Ball & Claw design
  • Blinds: Decorated with dentil molding

Table Construction: The Cape Town is not just about looks. Engineered with four solid cross beams, each measuring 5” x 2.5”, it boasts of a construction that interlocks these beams to form a resilient platform, ensuring optimal support for the slate.

Cushion Rubbers: Experience the bounce and precision of Presidential’s BCA approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers. This elite quality rubber delivers an unparalleled lively response, making the rails amongst the most accurate in the industry.


  • Rails: Solid African hardwood with a width of 5.5”
  • Frame: Crafted entirely from solid African hardwood
  • Legs: Sturdy and ornate, made of solid African hardwood

Slate: The table comes equipped with a 1” 3-piece K-pattern slate, which has been diamond honed to an impeccable standard, ensuring perfection to within ten-thousands of an inch.

Dimensions: With a length of 99″, a width of 55″, and a height of 31″, the Cape Town billiard table promises not just a game, but an experience, making every shot on its surface a memory to cherish.

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    Every Quote is Personalized With Delivery and Installation Included.