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Antique Pool Table Restoration Service

At Pro Billiards, we know the value of antique billiard tables!

A well-preserved antique pool table is not only a work of art, but also something that appreciates in value as time passes. However, we also know that it is not always possible to keep these large pieces of furniture in their original state. Perhaps you acquired the antique pool table in not-so-perfect condition. Or maybe you’ve just had the table for so long that the passage of time has taken its toll on your table. Physical and/or cosmetic damage due to things like amateur pool table movers, climatic changes, moisture, dirt, grease and grime can all affect the way an antique billiard table looks and plays. That’s why at Pro Billiards, we offer antique pool table restoration services to our clients to bring these magnificent tables back to life! We aim to not only restore your antique pool table to its original condition, but also ensure that it’s playable for years and years to come.

What Does Antique Pool Table Restoration Involve?

Depending on the condition in which you acquired the table, as well as several other factors like how many times the table has been moved, antique pool table restoration may involve a variety of restoration services, such as disassembling, repairing, reassembling, re-cushioning, and refinishing. We find that most of the time, antique billiard tables have been in families for so long or have changed hands several times that they become worn from all of the disassembly, moving, and reassembly. Though this is less common, we have also seen tables that have been stationary for many years but have been subjected to climatic changes or physical elements such as dirt, grease, and other substances that affect the table’s finish or fine details. In situations like these, where the table is physically fine but requires cosmetic work, we may only need to sand and refinish the table. However, we do find that most of the time with antique billiard tables, a complete overhaul is required, as the components are typically too physically damaged to merely restore cosmetically.

How Do You Physically Restore an Antique Pool Table?

If the antique billiard table needs a complete restoration, as is often the case, we always start by assessing the table and identifying any major structural issues. We inspect the pool table’s frame, since it is what supports the slate and legs, and if anything is found that would compromise the structural integrity of the pool table, we stabilize it and reinforce to correct any weaknesses. Occasionally, we have to rebuild sections of the pool table if we find that they are beyond repair. We always use the same wood found in the original table wherever possible. These types of wood are typically (but not limited to) Mahogany, Birdseye Maple, Brazilian Rosewood, Burl Ash, and Carpathian Elm. Once the table is physically restored, we move onto the cosmetic portion of the restoration. This involves using a finish stripper to remove any stains or imperfections. After that, we sand the pieces down and prepare them to be re-stained with the same finish as the original table. Sometimes, the small details such as the sights on the rails or the hand carved designs on the legs and aprons of the table are missing or damaged in some way. In situations like these, we must carefully replace (by hand) each of the missing pieces and use specific tools (such as a lathe) to re-create the fine detail of the table’s original design. After all of this, the table is ready to be re-stained and finished!

No matter how big or small your antique pool table restoration job, rest assured that Pro Billiards has you covered! Over the years we have completely restored countless pool tables, from almost any condition, to their original form and design, ensuring both playability and a flawless appearance for many years to come.