Black Diamond Pool Table


Delve into modern sophistication with the Black Diamond billiard table. Balancing affordability with design, this table showcases a sleek black laminate finish accentuated by robust metal corner caps and trims. Engineered to resist scratches and burns, its surface is meticulously crafted to endure years of active play.

Players and guests alike will appreciate its stylish demeanor and robust build, promising countless hours of entertainment. Available in both 7’ and 8’ sizes, it caters to varied spaces and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Finish: Lustrous Black Laminate
  • Pockets: Durable Plastic Drop pockets
  • Cloth: Varied color choices, featured in Steel Gray
  • Sights: Alluring Round Pearlized markers
  • Legs: Sturdy Pedestal-style legs

Build & Design:

  • Structure: Constructed with a six-beam system, each measuring 4” x 2”, providing unwavering support to the slate.
  • Cushion Rubbers: Adorned with Presidential’s BCA-endorsed K-66 profile cushion rubbers, delivering lively and pinpoint-accurate rails.
  • Materials: Features solid wood 6” wide rails and frame, complemented by engineered wood legs and aprons.
  • Slate: Precisely cut 1” 3-piece K-pattern slate, diamond honed to perfection.


  • 8’ Table: 100”L x 56”W x 31”H
  • 7’ Table: 90”L x 51”W x 31”H

To complete the look, pair the table with its complementary wall or floor cue racks. Experience the allure and functionality of the Black Diamond by visiting a retailer near you.

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