The Carter Pool Table


Built for both the traditional and modern homeowner, the Carter pool table stands out with its seamless design where solid wood legs connect directly to the slate. The table’s arched cabinet and robust rails highlight its solid construction, presenting a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether placed in a contemporary loft or a classic game room, the Carter’s balanced design ensures it complements various decors. With features prioritizing durability and playability, it’s not just about looks; the Carter promises a premium billiard experience for all enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Available Sizes: Choose from 7’, 8’, or 9’
  • Finish: Sophisticated Gray Walnut
  • Pockets: Options between Leather Shield or Fringe
  • Cloth: Variety of colors, showcased in Khaki
  • Sights: Classic Diamond
  • Leg Design: Graceful Transitional Post Legs
  • Complementary Items: Expand your ensemble with a matching Pub Table and Stools, Spectator Chair, Wall Rack, or Dartboard Cabinet

Construction & Specifications:

  • Table Frame: Enhanced with a double crossbeam design, each beam being 5” x 2.5” for maximum sturdiness.
  • Cushions: Featuring Presidential’s top-tier K-66 cushion rubbers, ensuring lively and accurate gameplay.
  • Materials: Crafted using robust African hardwood for the 5.5” wide rails, frame, and legs.
  • Slate: A precision-engineered 1” 3-piece K-pattern slate, honed to unparalleled perfection.

Dimensions Overview:

  • For the 7’ Model: 89″L x 50″W x 31″H
  • For the 8’ Model: 99”L x 55”W x 31″H
  • For the 9’ Model: 111″L x 61″W x 31″H

The Carter Billiard Table is more than just a pool table; it’s a testament to craftsmanship and sophisticated design, promising years of stylish gameplay.

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    Every Quote is Personalized With Delivery and Installation Included.