Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion Snooker Table


The Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion snooker table is where traditional and modern era design intersect. The handsomely figured legs of this sturdy snooker masterpiece are carved with precision and fine detailing, which complements the otherwise sleek and modern look of the table. The striking silver legs and mahogany table combination has become an icon in the world of snooker, as this table has been used in several worldwide tournaments between 1992 – 2009, and has crowned 8 different World Champions, including John Higgins, Stephen Hendry, and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

The Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion snooker table is constructed out of the finest, hand selected Sapele Mahogany and hardwoods. Due to the high standard of Riley tables, each piece of wood used has been kiln dried and tested for moisture content to ensure the strength and vigor of the wood for the table’s lifespan. The Aristocrat Tournament Champion boasts tournament cut slate, which means that the slate and each pocket opening is carefully hand cut by highly experienced craftsmen to ensure that the frieze and slate fit together flawlessly. As for the slate bed, Riley uses only the finest quality laser cut Italian slate, with each of the five 4.5cm thick slate pieces seamlessly joined together to create a smooth playing surface for snooker players of all levels. The unique Riley adjustable slate support system accurately balances the slate to the frame and ensures equal weight distribution, which is imperative to the table staying level over time.

The Aristocrat Tournament Champion snooker table uses only the finest English-made steels to construct the cushion frieze. Since Riley has utilized the same manufacturing technique for nearly a century, you can expect precision and accuracy from your Aristocrat steel cushions. Arguably the best cushion rubbers in the game of snooker, premium Northern rubber is standard on all Aristocrat tables. This cushion material, which is made in England, ensures longevity and a consistent rebound every single time.

The traditional, napped cloth of snooker tables is essential to accurate gameplay, and the Aristocrat Tournament Champion table is no exception. With the finest cloth, West of England Strachan 6811, the nap is bristly in one direction and smooth to the touch in the other direction. Thus, 6811 cloth is the cloth used for all professional snooker events worldwide. Speaking of quality, the pockets of this snooker table are made from hand-selected quality English cowhide leather, which is hand pressed piece by piece to protect against cracking and is soft and supple to the touch.

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