The Hartford Pool Table


Introducing the Hartford Pool Table – a blend of classic design, superior craftsmanship, and innovative functionality. Drawing inspiration from timeless design elements, the Hartford stands out as a centerpiece in any game room.

At the heart of the Hartford’s exceptional playability is the 1″ slate from the renowned Presidential Billiards, ensuring precision and consistency with every shot. Crafted diligently from the resilient African hardwood, this table doesn’t just boast durability but also exudes a distinct elegance, making it a delightful combination of style and strength.

But the Hartford offers more than just a surface to play on; it thinks of the player. Unique to this table is a spacious drawer nestled discreetly underneath. Say goodbye to scattered accessories or the constant search for game equipment. This large drawer seamlessly holds all your pool table and game room essentials, ensuring they’re always within arm’s reach yet out of sight.

The Hartford is more than a pool table. It’s where classic design meets modern innovation, promising not just a game but an experience. Whether you’re aiming for a casual game night or looking to elevate your pool skills, the Hartford sets the stage right. Dive into a game of pool where every element, from design to functionality, is crafted with you in mind.

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    Every Quote is Personalized With Delivery and Installation Included.