Brunswick 150th Anniversary Union League Pool Table 9′


Get the best of both worlds with this 9’ Brunswick 150th Anniversary Union League pool table! The classic look of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Union League pool table that was originally released in 1895 was re-released in 1995 to celebrate Brunswick’s 150th Anniversary, giving players the opportunity to own a piece of history while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of modern era technology and play surfaces.

What makes this pool table even more unique is that there were only around 100 produced and each one is individually handcrafted! The strikingly handsome Egyptian styled legs, moldings, and frame showcase the detailed carvings of this table beautifully, while the inlaid diamond shaped ivory sights add to the finishing touches of the solid oak capped rails. As with all Brunswick tables, craftsmanship of the highest level is guaranteed.

The legs, sills, and aprons are all solid white oak, ensuring long lasting stability, and the frame is assembled entirely using machine nuts and bolts and is stained and sealed to protect against moisture of any kind. The 150th Anniversary Union League pool table is complete with Brunswick’s signature SuperSpeed cushions, which provide 40% more accuracy and rebound than cushions of competitors. The High Performance Nut Plates secure the slate, rails and cushions together and provide 70% more torque than fasteners on other pool tables.

With Brunswick, you can be certain you are purchasing a pool table of first class quality resulting in consistent gameplay and absolute stability. Call today for more information on this rare Anniversary edition pool table!

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