Antique 8′ Brunswick-Balke-Collender Union League


Officially known as the ‘Improved Union League’, this antique 8’ Brunswick-Balke-Collender Union League pool table is truly a heirloom piece. The beautifully carved details of this table reflect the Egyptian-influenced design, which is also evident in the legs, moldings, and overall framework. The sturdy legs are handsomely fluted and turned with square caps and Egyptian inspired detailing.

As always, the entire workmanship of the Union League is of the highest order, and the solid white oak sills, legs, and aprons ensure its longevity and stability for many years to come. Additionally, the solid oak capped rails are fitted with Brunswick’s Monarch SuperSpeed cushions, which are world renowned, and provide a 40% more accurate rebound than its competitors. The rails are beautifully decorated with inlaid diamond shaped ivory sights for an elegant finishing touch.

The Union League billiard table boasts a solid base frame which is stained and sealed to protect against climatic changes and moisture, and utilizes machine nuts and bolts for optimal stability. Equipped with Brunswick’s High Performance nut plates, which provide 70% more torque than the inexpensive counterparts, the slate, rails, and cushions are also firmly secured together. The Vermont slate is then enveloped in our Belgium-imported Simonis cloth, which provides a superior playing surface and a true ball roll every single time.

Overall, very few pool tables offer the artistic appearance and superior gameplay of the Improved Union League. And if you like this 8’ Brunswick Union League pool table, be sure to check out our 9’ 150th Anniversary edition version of the Union League as well!

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