9′ Brunswick Montebello Pool Table


Taking a page from Europe’s rich design history, the Montebello Pool Table by Brunswick is a blend of old-world charm and modern craftsmanship. Imagine the elegance of the Louis XIV era meshed with the stately vibes of the Georgian age, and you’ve got the Montebello. And let’s not forget the 1920s – when everyone wanted a piece of that classic European flair in their homes. This table captures that very essence but makes it fit comfortably in today’s game rooms.

Design Highlights

With a mix of English and Continental styles, the Louis XIV influence on the Montebello is hard to miss. It’s got deep, sturdy legs, sleek trestles, and a cool stretcher tying everything together. Made from Brazilian curubixa wood, the table’s dark walnut finish is a head-turner. Plus, the mother-of-pearl rail sights add that extra touch of class. Whether you’re going for the eight or the nine-foot model, this table promises to be the star of your game room.

Performance You’ll Love

But the Montebello isn’t just about looks. It delivers on performance big time. True to Brunswick’s reputation, this table promises a game experience that’s top-notch. Those SuperSpeed® Cushions? They ensure your shots are spot on. And with features like the Cross Bolt construction and Brunswick-certified slate, you know you’re getting quality and stability. Simply put, the ball rolls truer on a Brunswick. And with a Lifetime Ownership Warranty backing it up, you’re all set for years of great games.

Materials At A Glance:

  • Main Build: Either mahogany or curupixa.
  • Rail Sights: Shiny mother of pearl.
  • Extras: High-performance nut plates and dovetails.

Get ready for game nights that blend style and stellar performance with the Montebello.

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    Price Quote!
    Every Quote is Personalized With Delivery and Installation Included.