8′ Brunswick Gold Crown IV Piano Black


This beautiful Brunswick Gold Crown IV pool table with piano black finish will add a touch of class to your game room! With full nut and bolt assembly, super speed cushions and 1″ thick three piece slate, this table will literally offer tournament grade stability and gameplay for generations. Originally designed in 1961 to be the finest pool table ever created, the fourth edition of the Gold Crown line is considered by many to be the pinnacle of Brunswick engineering and simply the best pool table on earth.

Some of the many improvements the IV has over the I, II, and III series of Brunswick Gold Crowns are as follows:

  • The Gold Crown IV introduced us to fully flush mounted castings and pockets. This subtle yet major feature upgrade finally allowed playersto shoot with a true and level stroke during shots when the cue ball was tight inside a pocket.
  • The QUICKSET FOOTPLATE finally provided the ability to level and tune a pool table without having to lift or move it. By simply removing the bosse bolt you can literally rotate the leg on its ball bearing base and level the table by hand!
  • The stainless steel leveling bolts were a welcome addition to installers and billiard mechanics world wide. More precise and easier to use, shims and wedges are a thing of the past. Once tightened, your slate will not be moving until the day you decide to take it apart and move or sell your table.
  • Finally, this was the last model Gold Crown ever built in America. The Gold Crown V was sent to China for manufacturing, and like many things over the past decades, the quality has never been the same.

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